About Groove'n Arrels

Groove'n Arrels is an Internet Radio project that started in 2014, in Barcelona. It is committed to spread open-minded, rebel, and high quality music. Music is often the reflection of one's soul, of a culture. Real music is alive and carries a world of sensations and messages that can stand for daily therapy or social weapon. 

Many sounds broadcasted on Groove'n Arrels are expressions of feelings for freedom and justice. They can appear as true calls for revolution, chanting down the dogma used to keep people in bondage for the benefits of oligarchies. Let us plant the seed of change in our minds. Let us do it in music, because music knows no boundary.

How to support Groove'n Arrels

If you like Groove'n Arrels, please support us so that we can continue broadcasting. Groove'n Arrels uses the Radionomy platform that covers the payment of Author's rights. In return, the radio must attract a minimum amount of audience, fixed by Radionomy in terms of listening hours. The more you listen to us, the more you help us to keep the radio alive.

The probability of having Groove'n Arrels listened by people depends on the effective dissemination of the radio, and on whether the radio is recommended in the media. You can greatly help if you register and like / follow / recommend us on: Radionomy, Radioline, and Facebook. Of course, we also appreciate any direct recommendation to your friends. Just pass the beat, Thank you! 

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